Portfolio - Video

Cultural Olympiad Exhibition Video

7th June, 2010

Video was created for my University Exhibition & Performance module. The video was based on the Cultural Olympiad Exhibition that was held at the University.

MY ROLE: 3D Modeling, Animation, Motion Graphics, Editing.

Credit Crunch Student Debt 2009

29th March, 2010

This was a video documentary i done with Rowan Hicks, Abaaneddin Hakim and Eric Ikoli for a Thames Valley University assignment, have fun watching it and by the way i done this video in less than 24 hours. funny bloopers at the end

MY ROLE: Co-Director and Editor


29th March, 2010

This video was for our Video Post production assignment 2, my job was director and special effects designer, graphics designer and magician. Richard Dyer was producer and editor also sound was part of his job and was the presenter. Joe boatang was an actor and done part of the lightning effect, Lucy Trueick was a judge, Saad Karim was also a judge, Alireza Bolandkerear was the fire actor, and Josh Debbins was our multi colne actor. thanks guys for your support.

MY ROLE: Co-Director, Special Effects, Graphics Designer and Actor(Magician)

Video Post Production Presentation

29th March, 2010

This was a presenation i created using after effects, for my groups video post production presentation.

MY ROLE: Directing, Compositing, Special Effects and Sound

Bullying Viral

28th March, 2010

Well after finishing the other video i found that i needed a few things to change but however after all those views and comments i decided to leave the old one and add a new one.

MY ROLE: Director and Editor

Cornwall Terrace

28th March, 2010

This is a video i done for The Green Estate Agents for the proposal for cornwall terrace however after completing the video they decided they did not want to continue with their proposal for cornwall terrace, said something about personal issues, but nevertheless it was a good video for my first time using premier pro.

MY ROLE: Compositing